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Join us and NAACP at the Q House for our second Centennial Event!

On Thursday, February 1st,  2024 from 6:00 - 8:00 pm you are invited to the unveiling of the 47th black heritage stamp. There we will be celebrating the life and legacy of judiciary trailblazer Constance Baker Motley.


There will be special guest speakers and live music entertainment!

Who is Constance Baker Motley?

Judge Motley, one of New Haven’s greats, played a pivotal role in the fight to end racial segregation, from the late 1940s through the early 1960s, putting her own safety at risk in one racial powder keg after another. She was the first African American woman to argue a case before the Supreme Court, and the first to serve as a federal judge.

Born in New Haven, she attended Hillhouse High School and was active with the Q House, making the exhibit site on the second floor especially meaningful. 

If you'd like to learn more about Judge Motley, you can schedule a self-guided tour to our Constance Baker Motley exhibit

To read more about Constance Baker Motley, here are some helpful links:




Your Invited to Our 2024 Breast Cancer Survivors (2).png

Join us and Sister's Journey at the Q House for our first Centennial event!

On Saturday, January 20th, 2024 from 5:30 - 7:30 pm you are invited to the 2024 Breast Cancer Survivors: Stories of Hope Calendar Kick Off.

Back in 2001, Sister's Journey hosted its first Calendar Kick Off at the Q House. Now, in occasion of our centennial we want to honor this incredible organization and kick off our celebration with their event!

What is Sister's Journey?

Sisters’ Journey is a caring and powerful support group for breast cancer survivors, their family, and their friends. Sisters’ Journey is a faith-based activity instilled for the purpose of ensuring that no women have to endure or experience the challenge of facing the obstacles that accompany the reality of being diagnosed with breast cancer alone.

Since it’s inception in 1999, the Sisters’ Journey organization has lent support to hundreds of women and their families during and through the trials and tribulations of breast cancer and the devastation it can cause. Sisters’ Journey has been a strong and active voice promoting and educating all about the importance of early detection, being proactive about treatment, information, and services available.

Sisters’ Journey’s mission is to use our collective energy and join forces with others to heal women physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Advocacy of early detection and good treatment is our key focus. We advocate and promote “survivorship.” Many who join us have survived the discovery of breast cancer and will tell their stories of days, months, and years of living full and meaningful lives after being diagnosed with breast cancer.

One of the organization’s greatest contributions in the support of women with breast cancer is the Sisters’ Journey Annual Calendar. This is a twelve-month calendar that highlights the faces and stories of struggles to triumphs of breast cancer survivors. The calendar proves to be a tangible means of encouragement, support, and vision to all that might be facing the challenge of the fight against breast cancer. Each page of the calendar is graced with women that are winners and warriors in their personal journey with cancer.

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